Important Seesalt info for leaders, parents, and students for June 15-19 week at Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort

To bring or not to bring

PROPER DRESS: Casual dress is fine for all conference activities. Dress should be modest at all times. Since this can be interpreted different ways by different people, err on the safe side. Modest shorts are OK.  Jeans or pants are fine. Please do not wear bare midriff attire, strapless or spaghetti strap tops, clothing with beer advertising, profanity, or other questionable wording or symbolism.  Bring some clothes appropriate for active recreation including athletic type shoes.  Exercise modesty in bathing suits.

EACH PERSON NEEDS TO BRING:  Bible, pen or pencil, casual clothes, shoes suitable for active recreation, toothbrush, toothpaste, extra strength deodorant, good attitudes.

DO NOT BRING: Alcoholic beverages, tobacco of any kind, unauthorized drugs, weapons, fireworks, skateboards, skates, radios, CD players, iPods, televisions. (Exceptions: iPods or CD players to practice for talent show, and personal music devises used only on the beach with adult leader permission.)

OPTIONS: Beach towels, sunscreen, (and aloe in case you don’t use enough sunscreen), beach mats, beach recreation items, musical instruments, props for talent show, and extra spending money.

Want Mail?

Give the address below to anyone that might want to send you anything (early enough so that it gets there before you leave).

Participant’s name
Name of church group
c/o Seesalt
Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort
1200 South Ocean Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Two ways to buy Seesalt shirts, etc.

T-shirts, CDs, DVDs, disc golf discs, backpacks, wristbands, and other items will be on sale in the Seesalt store BUT you can save money and get ahead of the game by easily ordering shirts and DVDsonline in advance. Parents (or others shopping for birthday or graduation gifts) might want to check out this possibility.

 Click here for more information about ordering Seesalt items in advance on-line.

Tuesday night - tropical island festival

As a part of this summer's "Lifeguard" theme, Tuesday night we will be having a tropical island festival . Encourage your students (and adults) to be ready to come dressed in appropriate tropical island festive attire.  (We'll be set in the Caribbean, but we won't be too concerned about geographic accuracy in this case.) Dress could include tropical (Hawaiian) shirts and dresses, straw hats, grass skirts, sandals, reggae styles, beach shirts, leis, coral necklaces, flowers in girls' hair, etc. Not bathing suits.. Please keep it appropriate and modest.

Talent share criteria

On Thursday night we will have an opportunity for students to share their talents through singing, drama, skits, interpretive movement, instrumentally, etc. If we have more willing participants than time available, we will have a random drawing of all appropriate entries to determine the final participants. We give priority to those who are using their talent to honor Jesus in an obvious way (For example we will give preference to “Christian” songs over “secular” songs.)

Rules and Regulations


• Everyone must be present in mind and body for all sessions/activities unless excused by an adult leader for medical or other serious reasons.

• Each participant is required to have a name tag for all sessions and program booklet for all morning sessions. (If you lose one or leave it behind, you must buy another one by the next activity.)

• Modest, appropriate clothing must be worn by all participants. If it’s questionable, make a more modest choice. Clothing with alcoholic beverage advertising, profanity, or questionable symbols or wording is not allowed.

• Have fun, but not at someone else’s expense.

• Show proper respect for everyone - including yourself.

• Strive for Christ-like behavior in all that you do.

• Individual groups may not make exceptions to any regulations without specific permission from the conference director.  Group leaders are allowed and encouraged to supplement these rules and regulations with additional ones for their own group that may be needed for their safety and well-being.

• Coming to Seesalt is indication of agreeing to abide by and enforce rules and regulations. Failure to do so may result in being sent home at your own expense and without refund.

 Prohibited items include:

• CD players, iPods, MP3s, radios (may be used only on beach with church leader permission)
• Video games
• Alcohol
• Tobacco products
• Unauthorized drugs
• Skateboards
• Rollerblades
• Skates
• Laser pointers
• Weapons of any kind
• Fireworks

 Prohibited activities include:

• Inappropriate displays of affection
• Leaving Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort without adult leader
• Fighting
• Profanity
• Water battles
• Shaving cream fights
• Anything that damages property
• False use of security or fire alarms

 In dining area:

• No breaking in line
• No food fights

 In hotel rooms:

• Guys are not to be in or around girls rooms. Girls are not to be in or around guys rooms. Violation is grounds for being sent home.
• Quiet time will be observed from 11:00 pm until 10:00 am. NO LOUD NOISE
• No one should be out of his or her room between 11:15 pm and 6:45 am
• Phones should only be used with adult leader permission. No prank calls.
• Rooms are inspected before and after occupancy and any damage will be reported and charged to your church.

 In auditorium and in sessions:

• No drinks, gum, candy, or food of any kind
• No disturbing others - includes talking, note passing, texting, etc.
• No flash photography or videotaping
• No saving seats - books, Bibles, etc. must be removed after each session
• No throwing of objects
• Cell phones should be turned off or set to silent during all sessions

Spending money

So how much spending money should students should bring?  There’s no one answer, but maybe this will help.  They may need to buy some meals during the conference and while traveling to and from Seesalt. (Check with your group's leaders to determine which if any meals will be provided by the church and which meals each student will need to cover.)  Fast food is of course an option. A meal at most other places including drink, tax and tip will cost about $15 on up.  Seafood would be about $25 and (way) up.  We will have Seesalt shirts on sale for about $15, Seesalt CDs $5, and DVDs $20. We will also be selling frisbee type discs, car magnets, wristbands and other items. Sea Mist has snack bars and vending machines. Free time at Myrtle Beach ranges from a free swim in the ocean on up to expensive entertainment where you can spend $30 or more very quickly. Each church’s group leaders can help determine how much is needed by their choice of food and fun. We suggest planning lower cost entertainment and meals based on sensitivity to students with limited funds.


Important reminder about participant age

 All Seesalt church participants must have completed at least the sixth grade. Anyone younger than this is not allowed at any sessions or activities including meals served in the conference center .


GRAD group (college and career)

College students and young adults beyond high school age are encouraged to come to Seesalt as part of their churches’ adult leadership team or as student participants. We provide a college/career Bible study group made up of:

A) Students who have just completed their senior year of high school
B) Students already in college who are not considered Seesalt adult leaders
C) Other college age young adults who are not considered Seesalt adult leaders

 A definite decision will have to be made whether a person is attending as an adult leader or as a Seesalt student.  For numerous reasons, all adult leaders need to participate each day in the session which meets at the same time as the student Bible study groups.  Anyone in the GRAD Bible study group will not be counted as or considered an adult leader. They will be classified and treated the same as any other student participants.

 We personally like having capable college students and young adults as part of the adult leadership group, but the GRAD group makes it possible to bring students to Seesalt who might not be quite ready to step up into an adult leader’s responsibility.


Note that the schedule for this week is at the bottom of this webpage


Additional information for all adult leaders

 Thank you for serving as an adult leader and helping make it possible for your group to attend Seesalt. The section below is among the information sent to each group’s overall leader. We are additionally making it easily accessible here for all other leaders in the group as you prepare to lead your students at Seesalt.

 As you get ready for Seesalt, please make a conscious effort to include all of your group in spiritual preparation.  One of the worst mistakes any of us can make is to assume that just because we’ve had great experiences at Seesalt in the past, it will automatically happen again. We don’t think God likes to be taken for granted.  We covet your fervent prayers for our staff as you also pray for the individuals that will be coming with you.

 We not only don’t take God and His blessings for granted - we don’t take you for granted either.  Whether this is your first time with us or your twenty-ninth time with us, we appreciate the fact that you have chosen to come to Seesalt.  We don’t take that trust lightly.  Our desire is to be used by God to serve you and your group as He sees fit.  Thank you for giving us that opportunity.


Arrival Information

1. For GPS, MapQuest, or Google directions, the street address for Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort is 1200 South Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

2. Arrive at Sea Mist Oceanfront Resort Monday between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm. In planning your trip, allow time for possibly heavy beach traffic.

3. When you arrive, go first to the Sea Mist Conference Center with all members of your group for hotel check-in and program registration. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO THE RESORT FRONT DESK.

4. The Sea Mist Conference Center is located just off of South Ocean Boulevard on 12th Avenue South.  Parking should be available across the street from the conference center.

5. Remaining payments for rooms will be due at this time. Credit cards can be used for lodging payments to Sea Mist (but not for Seesalt payments to Concoxions).

6. Normal lodging check-in time is 4:00 pm but Sea Mist will try to have most of our rooms available as early as possible.

7. Seesalt program registration will be at the Sea Mist Conference Center. Our staff will involve your students in activities while your adult leaders are taking care of registering the group, so bring all students and adults into the conference center while you are registering.. 

8. The balance of money due for program fee, meals, etc. should be paid at program registration upon arrival.  Checks should be made out to CONCOXIONS. We do not accept credit cards for Seesalt registration. (Credit cards can be used for your remaining hotel balance.)


Guidelines for adult leaders

1. A responsible male adult leader is required for each 1-7 boys, and a responsible female adult leader is required for each 1-7 girls.

 2. Adult leaders should be mature and responsible Christians age 21 or older who relate well to students and can keep firm order within the group. Older college age students may be used as adult leaders if they have the maturity needed and providing there is at least one adult leader at least 21 years old with the group. (Note that we also allow attendance by college age students who are not considered adult leaders. They will be in a special group for Bible study and may have other opportunities as well. There will need to be a clear understanding as to whether they are coming as students or adult leaders. Those coming as adult leaders must attend the adult leader group during Bible study time.)

 3. Each evening there will be a time for church group devotionals led by someone from your church.  You’ll probably want to include a brief Bible study, a prayer time, and time for youth to share their thoughts and feelings, especially as the week progresses. We will provide material based on each night’s drama production to help you with this devotional time. Plan for approximately 15-30 minutes each night.

 4. “It’s A Tough Job But Somebody Has To Do It Department:” Enforcing proper behavior cannot be stressed enough. Your students won’t have as much chance to benefit from the week unless they participate fully and are alert.  That means getting them to sleep and to all scheduled programs and activities on time. You must be firm - especially in enforcing activity in the rooms including curfews, no noise at night, and no being in the wrong rooms.  We don’t want to allow anything that will endanger anyone’s wellbeing or reputation. Anything that does should not be tolerated.

5. Sea Mist Resort requires strong adult supervision of each room. Failure to do so could result in being asked to leave.

 6.  It is vital for all adult leaders to understand, support, and fully enforce the conference rules.  INDIVIDUAL CHURCHES OR LEADERS DO NOT HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF RELAXING OR BENDING THE RULES FOR THEIR CHURCH OR STUDENTS.  Such flexibility is not fair nor feasible when numerous groups are involved. You are allowed and encouraged to give your own group any additional rules or regulations needed for their own safety and wellbeing.

 7. Each day there will be a session for adult leaders that will be instructional, hopefully motivating, and a time to take care of business.  It is important for all adult leaders to be there.  This is NOT an optional time.

 8. We consider all adult leaders to be a part of the ministry team.  Be ready to lead by example.  Be sensitive to one-on-one ministry opportunities.  Help look out for the loners in your group. Expect God to use you as part of a great experience.

Must be understood and agreed upon by all adults responsible for group 

On behalf of those attending Seesalt from our church or group (and their parents where applicable) I understand that Concoxions is responsible only for providing conference programming. I further understand that our church/group and I are responsible for selecting and providing proper chaperones/counselors and for giving all involved any information, rules, regulations, and supervision necessary for their proper conduct, safety, and general well being while at Seesalt. Registering for the conference is indication that I understand and agree with these responsibilities.


Just a reminder that each group is on its own for breakfast each morning. Each Sea Mist hotel room that is being used for Seesalt has a refrigerator and a microwave, so you should have no trouble serving cereal, donuts, poptarts, pastries, fruit, orange juice, etc.  You might want to get things like disposable bowls, cups, plasticware, paper towels, and non-perishable food in advance, then purchase milk, juice, and anything else that needs to be refrigerated once you arrive in Myrtle Beach. There is a grocery store a few blocks from Sea Mist (and a Krispy Kreme nearby). Depending on what your group is planning to do with Wednesday afternoon free time, you might also save them money by getting sandwich materials for lunch that day.


For minor health problems, we suggest that each church bring a basic first aid kit and commonly used non-prescription medications such as those mentioned on the sample Seesalt permission/release form (sent to each group leader).


Seesalt at Sea Mist Schedule

(Subject to fine tuning)


2:00 Registration and Check-In
4:15 Orientation Meeting for all Students and Adults
5:30 Dinner
7:00 Staff Infection
8:30 Worship
10:30 Church Group Devotions
11:15 In rooms, no noise


7:45 Breakfast on your own
8:45 Morning Celebration
9:10 Personal Devotion Time
9:40 Bible study group
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Personal Interest Conferences
2:00 Free Time
2:10 Talent share screening
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Worship
8:30 Fellowship
10:00 Church Group Devotions
11:15 In rooms, no noise


7:45 Breakfast on your own
8:45 Morning Celebration
9:05 Personal Devotion Time
9:25 Bible study group
11:00 Personal Interest Conferences
12:00 Free Time: Lunch and Dinner on your own
8:00 Worship
10:15 Church Group Devotions
11:15 In rooms, no noise


7:45 Breakfast on your own
8:45 Morning Celebration
9:10 Personal Devotion Time
9:30 Bible study group
11:00 Personal Interest Conferences
12:00 Lunch
1:15 Recreation (transportation needed)
2:30 Free Time
5:15 Dinner
6:30 Talent Share
8:00 Worship
10:00 Communion Service
10:30 Church Group Devotions
11:30 In rooms, no noise


7:45 Breakfast on your own
8:45 Morning Celebration
9:05 Personal Devotion Time
9:25 Bible study group
10:45 Closing Celebration
12:15 Heading Home

(Schedule subject to fine tuning)