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Bill Cox's ART TO HEART presentations have been featured with great response for over 40 years at regional, state, and national conferences as well as at hundreds of churches throughout the country and beyond. This unique and powerful worship experience appeals to all ages and has consistently received enthusiastic response from children through senior adults.

The complete program includes a 25-minute special effects chalk drawing plus drama, message, and music. The drawings are done on a large drawing board with colored and fluorescent chalks. Several types of black lighting and special effects enhance the drawings and seemingly bring them to life. They are unlike any other chalk drawing you may have seen. 

Each drawing is done to a soundtrack of music, narration, and sound effects. Services usually range in length from 60-90 minutes, or in some situations the chalk drawing can stand alone.

Over the years, we’ve done “Art to Heart” in many different settings including:
* Churches
* High schools
* Colleges
* Youth conferences (state, regional, and national)
* Senior adult conferences (regional and state)
* Conference and civic centers
* Theaters
* Theme parks
* Camp grounds
* Amphitheaters
* Tents
* Town squares
* Warehouses
* Ice skating rink

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To present Art to Heart, we bring a truss system for the chalk drawing board, equipment for projected effects, a compact LED lighting system, specialized lighting for the drawing, and an excellent quality sound system capable of easily covering crowds of around 750 people. There are several sound options for larger crowds.

Please contact us for more information about bringing bringing Art to Heart with Bill Cox to your church or community.