See the difference.

For 33 years, Seesalt Summer Student Conferences have made a difference in the lives of countless students and adults from all over the Eastern United States (and Canada). For Seesalt 2019 we will be returning to Coastal Carolina University near Myrtle Beach and to Mars Hill University near Asheville North Carolina. 

So just what is it that makes Seesalt loved by so many middle school, high school, and college students (not to mention their adult leaders)? It might be our strong desire that those who come to Seesalt grow greatly in their love for God and to become true salt and light in their world. We don’t want those that come to just be enamored with a camp experience. Make no mistake, we work hard to make Seesalt fun, exciting, top-quality, and memorable. But we’re not content to just make a splash. We want to make a difference.

Coastal Carolina University

Myrtle Beach, SC

2019 DATES
June 17-21
June 24-28

Mars Hill University

Mars Hill, NC

2019 DATES
July 15-19



At Seesalt, we strive to communicate relevant Biblical truths in ways that go beyond the norm. Each night, Seesalt services speak to students and adults through drama, music, dance, video presentations, and other innovative means of communication. We're not talking about five or ten minute skits, but engaging productions written each year specifically for Seesalt and today's sight and sound oriented generation. Each service ends with a wrap up message and invitation to commitment by Bill Cox - a popular and widely respected speaker.

(At a recent national conference, we attended a seminar dealing with a new study indicating that attention span during a speech, sermon, or lecture averages less than eight minutes. In a discussion afterwards with the seminar leader, we told him what we do at Seesalt. He got genuinely excited and said with our approach, we could "throw the book on attention span out the window.")



We believe there’s a lot more to recreation than choosing sides for a time of knock-down, drag-out competition. At Seesalt the emphasis is on group-building activities that enhance relationships and learning, especially within the Bible study groups. The week also includes a massive recreation activity involving the whole camp. Evening fellowships include a talent sharing time and theme-based activities such as scavenger hunts, sock hops, hoedowns, and crazy games. A midweek free afternoon allows you to take advantage of numerous recreation opportunities in the area. Other free time recreation options are plentiful - including, if you’d like, the chance to choose sides for knock-down, drag-out competition.



As anyone who comes to Seesalt knows, the ministry is not directed from behind an office desk. Bill and Kathy personally direct the staff and overall program, bringing a wealth of student ministry experience to all that we do. For years Bill has been known across the country for highly creative and effective ministry. His leadership at Seesalt has contributed to a conference experience that has been consistent and trustworthy year after year. Throughout the Seesalt leadership team there is a passion not to rest on past accomplishments, but to keep raising the bar in fresh and innovative ways.


Music is not an afterthought at Seesalt. Each year we audition noteworthy musicians to form "The TaberNaCl Band," an outstanding in-house band of Seesalt staff members who lead praise & worship songs throughout each week. Talented soloists help present each night's message through songs that inspire and teach. Through the years over 50 original songs have been written and professionally recorded specifically for our Seesalt themes. Outstanding video, graphic, lighting, and sound production help bring a professional quality level to Seesalt music. But whether it be the latest modern worship song, rousing praise, updated traditional hymns, original theme songs, or music videos; the intent is always to magnify and glorify Christ.


Small Groups

As much work as we put into the professional aspects of Seesalt, we put even more into the personal. Bible study groups are among the most important aspects of Seesalt. These small groups gather daily allowing students to interact with their peers and scripture under the leadership of a caring and well-trained Seesalt staff member. The Bible study is written in-house to complement each summer’s theme and drama production. Each student receives their program booklet in an easy-to-follow format that encourages the taking of additional notes. Adult leaders are involved in their own Bible study group each day getting a taste of the student Bible study plus additional leadership training.



The Seesalt staff is made up of outstanding young Christian women and men of at least college age who are selected from widespread interviews and auditions. Preparation for staff includes an intensive 16-day training camp, and many are involved in other Concoxions ministry during the year. In selecting Seesalt staff we look carefully for star abilities and servant hearts. We don’t care how good they are on stage if they’re not at least as good at giving students the personal love, attention, Godly example, and ministry they need. We are thankful that our summer staffs have excelled in both areas for many years.