Christmas Chronicles w Bill Cox.png

Looking for a special way to help convey the true story of the nativity this Christmas?

Christmas Chronicles with Bill Cox just might be the answer to your search. For many years Bill has been performing original monologues based on characters which were a part of that holy night. These highly entertaining dramatic portrayals, which combine both humor and spiritual insight, have been performed for churches, corporate banquets, civic organizations, Christmas parties, etc. and were a part of Concoxions Cornerstone Christmas Dinner Theater  for eight seasons. 

From Sunday services to banquets, there's a lot of flexibility in how Christmas Chronicles can be used. Bill performs up to five monologues that can be incorporated into your own church's Christmas music program, or he can bring a singer to provide music. The actual monologues last from 25-30 minutes (for all five characters) so the total length of the program depends on how much music is included. For shorter programs it can be as brief as a verse of a Christmas carol between monologues to allow for a quick costume change. Simple contemporary costumes for each character help bring the message into today's world.


 Contact us if you're interested in making Christmas Chronicles part of your celebration of the season.