What could be better for your youth group this summer than a week of Seesalt summer student conferences and another week of mission work?  How about a week of mission work that would help pay for a week of Seesalt?

This summer Concoxions and Coast 2 Coast ministries are teaming up to provide just such a unique opportunity.

A limited number of church groups will be selected to provide a minimum of 10 youth and two adults to help with a week of Coast 2 Coast camps in Lyman, SC.  Each participating group will then receive a credit of $2,250 from C2C toward a week of Seesalt this summer. 



C2C is a summer camp and after school program founded and directed by Hayden Wengrow, who also serves as campus pastor for Lifesong Church in Lyman.  With the mission statement "Safe and excellent childcare that makes a difference," C2C serves over 300 families in the upstate of South Carolina including a high percentage of un-churched children.  Camps are conducted in a high energy, fun way with weekly field trips and themed games that demonstrate simple truths of the Gospel that can be found in everyday life.


Interested groups that are planning to attend Seesalt will need to complete an application form to be considered for this opportunity. Those groups selected for this ministry will need to bring a minimum of 10 youth and two adults each day.  More youth and adults are welcomed.

Mission teams will carry out the weekly theme and M2M (Minute to Minute) program provided by C2C.

Youth leaders will conduct a minimum of six hours of training and preparation for each team member.

Teams will serve onsite Monday through Friday from 9 am - 6 pm.  (C2C opens at 7 am, but those first two hours each day will be covered by C2C staff.)

Team responsibilities will include chapels, small group Bible activities, games, crafts, field trip supervision, and minor cleaning.

You are responsible for team members' meals each day. Your team can participate in the C2C lunch program for $3 per day, or you can bring food for your team members to eat.

Some weeks include a field trip to Carowinds. If your week is one of those weeks, your team will need to purchase its own tickets. You will know in advance which weeks these are.

The biggest expectation is to love - love God, love the kids, and love each other.


C2C will provide youth leaders with detailed M2M instructions.

C2C will provide training for youth leaders at a time and location TBD.  Youth groups will attend an onsite orientation on the Sunday afternoon before their first day of camp. 

C2C will provide ongoing on-the-job training and supervision through our directors throughout the week.

C2C will supply all supplies and materials needed for the M2M program.

C2C will provide transportation for all camp activities.

C2C will provide lodging through our host churches for out-of-town youth groups. Groups living close enough to Lyman will be able to commute each day.

C2C will pay $2,250 directly to Concoxions to be put toward your group's week of Seesalt.

If you'd like, C2C will be glad to work with LifeSong Church staff to coordinate extracurricular activities for your group during the week.  (LifeSong staff includes Seesalt staff alumni Mike Blackwood and Robin Hunt, both still involved in the ministry of Seesalt.) 


The main contact person for mission teams throughout the summer will be Zach Adams.  Zach served as a Seesalt staff member for several years and now works with C2C year round.

If you have any questions or would like more information, call Zach Adams at (864) 349-9022, or email him at