Quick Quotes

Just a few of hundreds of comments from Seesalt

“Over the last 20+ years, I have learned that there are youth camps and then there is SEESALT!  Every aspect of the week is aimed at one thing - leading students to a transforming encounter with God."

“I can’t get over how great the music is." 

“God does more at Seesalt in a few days than we can do  in months at home."

“Seesalt is an amazing experience!"

“I’ve been revived in my relationship with God."

“Our students fall in love not only with the staff and their peers, but madly in love with Jesus."

“Year in and year out, Seesalt creatively communicates the message of God’s word more clearly than any method I have ever seen in 30 years of ministry."

“Seesalt is like no other summer camp experience."

“The drama is amazingly relevant and powerful."

“My friends and I would rather go to Seesalt than anything."

“Thursday recreation was the most fun I’ve had in a long time."

“Drama is by far the best I’ve ever seen."

“This was the best week of my life."

“It’s going to be so sad to go home."


“The staff were all awesome!"

“I really related to the issues the characters in the drama were struggling with…"

“Every middle school and high school student in America should attend Seesalt."

“Seesalt is spot on."

“You all have a GREAT staff."

“Great mix of activities, worship, and small groups."

“This was my first year, but I will definitely be back."

“Loved the PICs (Personal Interest Conferences)"

“Our students love Seesalt so much that they start planning for next year before we even go home."

“Seesalt is incredible for our students and smooth for our adults."

“It’s an amazing spiritual experience."