Seesalt and Missions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will our church group be working together?

A: In most cases, yes. You will provide your won transportation to and from the mission sites, and your church’s adult leaders will help supervise (and have the opportunity to work alongside) your own students. Depending on the size of your group, you may also be working with other church groups on the same project.

Q: Who will be supervising the mission projects?

A: It depends on the specific project. Projects will be arranged by a variety of people and organizations in the Conway/Myrtle Beach area. In some situations, they will also be providing some direct leadership for those working. SAM staff will also help give direction. However, in all situations your students will remain under the supervision of adult leaders from your church.

Q: What will determine our mission project assignments?

A: After making reservations for Seesalt and Missions, each church will be given a list and explanation of possible mission projects. Each church will then select their desired area of work. The choice of projects will be confirmed in advance.

Q: Can our group participate in more than one mission project?

A: Possibly. It will primarily depend on your ability to provide transportation to more than one site at the same time. If you have more than one vehicle. you could (for example) take part of your group to a construction site and take those riding in a different vehicle to a backyard Bible club site.

Q: What will we need to bring?

A: Again, it will depend on the project. In most cases, materials such as paint and construction materials will be provided for you, but you will probably need to bring such things as tools, paint brushes, and maybe ladders. For projects such as backyard Bible clubs, you will probably bring study materials, crafts, recreation equipment, etc.

Q: When will training occur?

A: Each individual church will be responsible for conducting their own training for projects that require advanced preparation (such as backyard Bible clubs, sports camps, etc). Groups will also have a brief missions orientation session Monday afternoon after arriving at Seesalt and Missions.

Q: Aside from the addition of mission projects, how will the SAM program differ from regular weeks of Seesalt?

A: The mission work will take the place of Personal Interest Conferences, some of the group recreation, and some free time. Each night during the evening service there will be a highlight video of that day's projects along with reports from student and adult participants. The rest of the program will be the same (including the program staff).