This summer will be our 34nd consecutive year of "salt and light" summers (plus three previous years as camp pastor and director for Centrifuge). This will be our 22nd summer under the Seesalt name. We have had a great response to Seesalt in every respect and are excited to continue building Seesalt's reputation as one of the most respected summer student conferences anywhere. We're not interested in doing this just for the sake of reputation, but the ongoing great feedback is an affirmation that God is using Seesalt to change thousands of lives in powerful and lasting ways. Seeing that continue is our true desire.

There are quite a few things that help make Seesalt unique. Our programs don't come pre-packaged out of a box or book. Each theme and program is the culmination of at least a 14 month process that's been going strong for even longer than these 34 years. Everything from songs and Bible studies to dramas and media are written and produced by Concoxions especially for Seesalt. The philosophy to have a great time and a meaningful time at the same time means that we strive for solid, no-compromised ministry presented in a fun and entertaining way. It shows in most everything we do.

Seesalt isn't run by a faceless name behind a desk in a far away office building nor do we change onsite directors every year or so. Bill and Kathy personally direct Seesalt with a passion that includes a desire to nurture, equip, and stretch staff members to be and do their best, hopefully helping prepare them for life and ministry long after the summer ends. For us, it's never been just a job. For most staff it's the most challenging and most fulfilling work imaginable.


a) Staff will receive a base honorarium of $250 for training camp and for each week of Seesalt.

b) Returning staff from previous year(s) will receive an additional $10 per week.

c) College graduates will receive an additional $10 per week (simply because a college degree ought to be worth at least something).

d) Meals and lodging will be provided during training camp and during conferences

e) Limited travel expense

Staff 2019 Schedule (tentative)

May 31-June 16        Training Camp at Spartanburg and Coastal Carolina University
June 17-21               Seesalt at Coastal Carolina University
June 24-28              Seesalt at Coastal Carolina University
                                   (Loading up Friday afternoon and evening. Unload truck Saturday?)
July 12-14                Set up and rehearse at Mars Hill University
July 15-19                Seesalt at Mars Hill University
                                   (Loading up Friday afternoon and evening. Unload truck Friday night?)

Staff must be available for all of the above dates.
Schedule subject to tweaking and change
Most staff choose to remain in Myrtle Beach during weekend between conferences for rest and relaxation.

Seesalt Staff Responsibilities

1. Lead a Bible study group of 15-40 youth throughout the week. Preparation for this is done during training camp.

2. Lead Bible study group in various recreation activities. Preparation for this is also done during training camp.

3. Lead a group of up to 45 youth and adults in a one-hour Personal Interest Conference (PIC). The same PIC is done three times during the week for a different group each time. Preparation for PIC must be done by staffer before coming to training camp.

4. Help lead in praise and worship services according to and sometimes in spite of abilities. Services are done almost exclusively through drama, music, and media. 
     a. From within the program staff, instrumentalists are needed for drums, keyboard, guitars, bass, etc.
     b. Vocal ability a plus. Need some strong singers, but not everybody has to be a soloist.
     c. All program staff are heavily involved in major drama productions each night.

5. Ministry to individuals. We put a strong premium on one-to-one ministry including individual encouragement, personal evangelism, and crisis counseling. No one is expected to have PhD in counseling, but we provide ongoing training and support.

6. Assist with a variety of fellowships.

7. Share in numerous behind-the-scenes work (load and unload truck, set up equipment, assemble materials, etc.).

8. Participate in staff prayer and devotional times.

9. Love each other.

10. Be a consistent model of a Christ-centered lifestyle.

11. The usual (and unusual) "other duties as assigned by director."

12. Does NOT include staying in lodging rooms with youth. Each church furnishes its own chaperones.

Program Staff Qualifications

1. All applicants must have a strong and growing personal commitment to Jesus Christ and a desire to minister. This should be consistently reflected in a lifestyle of loving God with all your heart, soul, mind, and body; loving others as you love yourself; and demonstrating that love by keeping God's commandments. Biblically-based moral standards must be above reproach.

2. Because of the enormous amount of drama and music we do, ability in music and drama is a real plus for those desiring to be on Seesalt staff. Ability to memorize drama lines is essential. The ability to play an instrument proficiently in a praise band is also a major asset and an important consideration. If we have musical needs sufficiently covered, we usually have a few openings on Seesalt staff for some who don't sing  very well if they are strong in other areas of ministry. Dance ability is a plus, but not essential.

3. Applicants must definitely have the ability and desire to minister off the stage as well as on it. They should be highly effective in leading small group Bible studies and counseling with teenagers on a one-to-one basis. If you love to sing, act, and dance but don't like ministering to individuals, this opportunity is not for you.

4. Applicants must be able to work and play well with others. They should be able to function well as part of a team, encouraging and building each other up even if they don't always agree with each other. For most of the summer, we all live together so getting along with each other is very important. A formula for the right "chemistry" is hard to define, but a great attitude is certainly one key ingredient.

5. By summer, applicants need to have finished at least their first year of college (Most staff will be between 20 and 30 years of age - some of us are older but don't remind us too often).

6. Applicants should have servant hearts gladly willing to do whatever it reasonably takes to make this ministry possible (sometimes it may even seem unreasonable). We work very long hours, don't get nearly enough rest, and push ourselves in a quest for excellence in everything we do. Some of it is glamorous and can definitely feed your ego if you're not careful. Some of it is good old manual labor and taking care of the little behind-the-scenes details that somebody has to do. Flexibility is a must. We occasionally have staff who just manage to tolerate such a routine. Others, for the most part, joyfully thrive on the challenge. We strongly prefer the latter.

7. Applicants must therefore be in good health and good physical condition and able to keep going strong on a demanding schedule - again with enthusiasm and a great attitude.

8. Seesalt applicants must be available for all of training camp and all weeks of conferences. That may mean missing some weddings and other important events that conflict.

Technical Crew

Seesalt also requires a top-notch production staff with specific technical skills. Tech staff generally don't need the same strong ability in teaching, drama, music, counseling, etc. but most other considerations still apply.

For our technical crew, we need people who have experience and interest in some combination of:
1. sound engineering
2. lighting
3. video production (shooting, editing, DVD authoring, duplicating)
4. ProPresenter (professional Powerpoint-type programs) 
5. computer graphic design
6. other technical skills.