Seesalt Staff | Testimonials

Seesalt staff members talk about their experiences working on staff, what to expect when you work at Seesalt, and what qualities make up a good staffer. 

One of my favorite things about working at Seesalt is that staff members have the opportunity to grow in so many ways; actually, they’re forced to. Acting, teaching, counseling, mentoring, singing, dancing, recreation-leading, and heavy lifting are only a few of the many things staff members must do as a part of working for Seesalt. I remember coming to camp my first year feeling fairly confident about being on stage, but I was scared to death about teaching in the classroom. The week and a half of staff training was a great help for me, but I ultimately had no trust in God that He would have me say the things students needed to hear. I grew so much that first year working through my ‘inabilities’ and truly learned to rely on God when I felt inadequate.
One of the unexpected pleasures about working at Seesalt is the relationships formed with fellow staff members. I had never attended Seesalt before applying to work there for the summer, and I knew very little about what I was getting into. I was pleased to not only find a satisfying experience, but I am also thankful for the relationships I formed with other staff members. The staff truly bonds and becomes a close family during our time together, and I am still close to my former co-workers. Even when I haven’t seen or talked with someone in over a year, we can meet up and still laugh and joke as if we’d never been apart. It is a special bond between staff members that no one could ever break.
— Todd Arant ('05, '06) Worship Arts Leader at Apex United Methodist Church, Apex, NC

I admit. My childhood and youth-hood were deprived. Why, you ask? Because I never attended Seesalt Summer Student Conferences. But when the opportunity to apply for the 2006 Seesalt staff presented itself, I jumped (somewhat blindly) at the chance. Everything I’d heard about it was beyond belief: the opportunity to sing, dance, act, worship, teach, play, relay, grow, bond, laugh, pray, cry, and learn - all at once. Even more exciting were the ideas that I could never walk away from the experience unchanged, and I would not walk away from the experience alone. My faith and I grew more than I every though possible that summer. And I formed and fostered relationships with a new family, new friends, and not-new but more amazing God than I ever thought possible that summer.
In all, if you’re looking for a ‘normal’ summer job, Seesalt Staff probably isn’t the job for you. But if you’re looking to love God out loud and live a summer for Him in ways that you’ve never tried or even considered possible, Seesalt Staff is the family for you. Challenge yourself and have faith that God is using you just as you should be.
— Allison Arant ('06) Marketing Manager for MedQuest Associates, Apex, NC

My experience on Seesalt staff was powerful in that it was the time and place where I discovered a passion to teach God’s Word (not only to youth but to their chaperones). Even now, when I am asked to articulate my ‘sense of call’ to ministry, I have frequently told others about those summers in college at Seesalt when the highlight of my day was not the games or the skits or the free time or the meals - but the Bible study and PIC classes wherein the Word exposed the issues of our hearts - my heart first and the hearts of kids/chaperones second. There was no great privilege than being used by God in an authentic, gospel driven summer ministry. But the truth was - God was working on me way more than he was working through me!
Seesalt staff was one of the first places where I experienced Acts 2:42-47 kind of fellowship and community - you know, where we have all things in common and experience God’s grace through teaching (Scripture), fellowship, worship, and prayer - and so have favor with all people to the point of seeing God expand His kingdom right before our eyes. Seesalt was my first opportunity to live out gospel ministry in a community of broken and needy people (youth). Thanks Bill
— Jim Powell ('97, '98) Pastor at West Valley Church, Emmaus, PA

Seesalt was an amazing experience! I loved working there so much! God worked in my life incredibly that summer, and helped me to grow and mature spiritually. I learned about service, teaching, and most of all how to minister to someone just by loving them and being available to them. The relationships I made with the staff members are still important to me today! We cultivated meaningful and lasting encouraging Christian friendships that I cherish greatly. I loved being able to use my passion for theatre and music to serve God. I stopped looking at being on stage as performing, and I realized that as I was on stage I was worshipping and serving God at the same time. Seesalt has helped me in my present ministry because it taught me responsibility, determination, and how to work with others. I would most definitely encourage anyone who wants to use their talents for God to serve others to consider working at Seesalt.
— Sarah Neely Vick (’04, ‘08, '09) Administrative Assistant at North Greenville University, Greenville, SC

Every week working at Seesalt is exciting and full of new challenges with each new group that arrives. Only in retrospect do I realize the great responsibility that the Lord placed with me during my summer at Seesalt. Each week, I had the opportunity to be a picture of who God is by showing four to five hundred people what God had done in my life, all the while getting to do what I was created to do - playing music. I think the thing that I loved most about Seesalt was that I did not have to sacrifice anything that I loved to do in order to work at the camp. Instead, the thing I was good at was encouraged. I was pushed and challenged in the very thing that I am currently doing as a career. All the while, I was meeting new people every week. I got to make a difference in their life, and after that summer, I can certainly say that I too will never be the same.
I guess a Seesalt staffer would look like this: patient when dealing with people, persistent in character and the fruits of the Spirit, understanding but firm in Truth, and more than willing to ‘go the extra mile’. If this is you, I’d say you should consider becoming a staffer. When you leave, you’ll never be the same...that’s a promise.
— Jason Nix ('06) Recording Artist, Nashville, TN
Being a part of Seesalt has been one of the best experiences of my entire life. It’s unbelievable how many ways God can speak through you in a single day in so many ways as a counselor. But it’s not just God speaking through me - it’s God speaking TO me. I’ve probably learned and grown more in my faith in my 3 summers as a Seesalt staffer than at any other time in my life. If you’re considering being a part of Seesalt’s staff, let me offer you a few guarantees. First of all, it will exhaust you. Second, it will stretch you. You will probably have to do some things you never saw yourself doing. Some you may love, some you may...not love...but you’ll grow in the process. Third, you will watch the Kingdom grow before your eyes, just like Christ said he would do through us. And that, my friends, is very cool.
— T.J. Cofield (’05, ’06, ’07, ‘10) Student Minister at Immanuel Baptist Church, Paducah, KY

There are seasons in our lives where we can look back and realize the impact those experiences have had in our life today. Working at summer staff during those summers were such a time for me. I realize now the maturing that took place not only in areas of my personal life but in my personal walk with Christ. I went from a college kid with no real direction in what I wanted to do for the rest of my life into a young man who knew that whatever I did ‘for a living’, the real reason for doing anything was to see others come to know Christ and grow in their personal relationship with Him. I will never forget the experiences of seeing a person make life changing decisions for Christ and knowing I was exactly where God wanted me. If you want to be stretched, loved, make life lasting friendships, see God work in ways you would never imagine, grow as a person as well as grow as a follower of Christ, experience God’s love in a way you would never imagine and see others make life changing decisions then Seesalt is the place for you (Oh by the way, it’s a possible place to meet your future mate - I did). These were some of the best years of my life and I would wish everyone could experience the things I have had the opportunity to experience.
— Billy Wallace (’86, ’87, ’88) Business Owner Lexington, SC

For me to say that I would recommend that Seesalt staff is a positive experience would be the most understated thing I could ever let pass through my lips (or fingertips). The two years God has allowed me to work with Concoxions and some of the most incredible people on this planet have completely changed me as a Christian. If you desire a summer experience where you will be privileged to minister to students with very real struggles, Seesalt is it. This is a place where you will be stretched emotionally, push your mind to wrap around more little details than you thought were possible, explore Scripture with distinct groups of young people week after week, laugh harder than you can ever remember, where you cry for those you wish to see come to Christ as well as for those who have experienced the love of Christ for the first time, gain friends who will lift you up in prayer in times of great need, and learn what it means to work for a purpose so much greater than yourself. You will walk away from the summer feeling like you were blessed so much more than you were a blessing yet still amazed by the simple fact that God did indeed use you in ways you never thought possible.
— Josh Crocker ('06, '07, '08) Residence Director at Anderson University (SC)

As a member of Seesalt staff, I definitely grew in unexpected ways. My first summer, I ended up playing the keyboard with the worship team, something I had never done before. The rest of the staff encouraged and supported me and forgave my mistakes on the piano. I remember learning to trust God in new ways, from just remembering my lines onstage, to praying for students in my Bible study group. One of the most meaningful things about being on staff was being a part of the Seesalt family. The staff members had to support each other and work as a team, praying for each other constantly and sharing our hearts with each other.
— Dana Litke ('03, '04) Elementary School Music Teacher Orlando, FL

Do you like teens? How about making great friends? Do you like growth? What about doing things you didn’t believe you had the ability for? Do you like being taken out of your comfort zone? Do you like depending on God for every move? Most importantly, do you enjoy experiencing God reclaim lives, and capture them for the first time? Apply for Seesalt, I assure you all of this will take place, plus even more. We serve a very real God who is the master of all. If you work at Seesalt, you will experience a tiny bit of that. Get ready for total intimacy with our Father! Apply now!
— Kelly Pack ('07, '08) Patient Care Technician at Spartanburg Regional Hospital, Spartanburg, SC

I found working at Seesalt to be extremely fulfilling and a perfect summer job for me, especially given my gifts and passions for creative arts ministry. I was able to use my gifts and talents that God’s given me to further His kingdom in the lives of students. In no other jobs have my passions for displaying the Gospel creatively lined up so well and powerfully with how God’s Spirit is already working and moving. It’s an extremely humbling experience to see how just by using your gifts and doing what you love, God is making a deep impact on students’ lives and many are connecting with the Gospel for the first time. If you enjoy the arts and presenting God’s story of love in new and impactful ways, then Seesalt is the perfect job for you.
— Scott Christopher ('07) Account Executive at McCulloch + Company, Roswell, GA

...Seesalt was a humbling and spiritually growing experience for I would never take away. Those who want to work here should be talented, but mainly grounded in their love for God’s glory and renown to be known more than their own. It is a wonderful place to share the love of God with the lost and to disciple those who have a relationship with God already.
— Lauren Dix Chandler (’02) Sunday School Teacher, Small Group Girls Leader, Mission Worker, Food Pantry Volunteer Wake Forest, NC